Refurbishment & Lamination

Raised access floor refurbishment is a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to new raised flooring. Our raised floor refurbishment program minimizes consumer waste, as it ensures a minimal disturbance to the workplace environment. Over the duration of a flooring system’s lifetime, minimal wear is endured by the access floor panels, as opposed to the floor finish. In refurbishment, the state of the system is assessed, all structurally sound panels and understructure are retained and stripped of existing finishes. Following the removal of the existing finish, the panel is cleaned of all residue and remaining adhesive. Upon customer selection of a new finish, the new finish is laminated to the floor panel, giving the old system the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a new flooring system. We can refurbish any flooring system from any manufacturer. Since its founding, De Leon Access Floors has laminated over 6 million square feet of access flooring.

In order to accommodate our customers, refurbishment entails minimal disturbance to the workplace environment.

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